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 Vehicle Ownership

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PostSubject: Vehicle Ownership   Wed May 06, 2009 12:32 am

I have finished the Vehicle Ownership System!!!
(/v)ehicle list - shows a list of all vehicles you currently own.
(/v)ehicle get - spawns one of your vehicles, to get a number of vehicle, do /v list, then type /v get [number] and you'll spawn exactly the vehicle you want.
(/v)ehicle park - despawns (removes from game) your vehicle once you /v park on it's parking place.
(/v)ehicle sell - offers your vehicle to another player (selling).
(/v)ehicle accept - accepts a vehicle you've been offered (selling).
(/v)ehicle register - assigns a plate for your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buy - purchases a vehicle according to what you've entered. You can purchase one of the available models if you have permission with exact colours and if you want you can purchase it for faction. Purchasing for faction will result in faction members being able to lock/unlock it and switch engine on/off
(/v)ehicle buylock - purchases and upgrades a lock with exact level on your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buyalarm - purchases and upgrades an alarm with exact level on your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buyimmob - purchases and upgrades an immobiliser with exact level on your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buyinsurance - purchases an insurance for your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buypark - purchases a parking place for your vehicle (it will spawn there next time you /v get the vehicle)
(/v)ehicle info - shows vehicle info (when you are in it)
(/v)ehicle tow - tows vehicle to it's current parking place
(/v)ehicle colour - paints vehicle in new colours
(/v)ehicle duplicatekey - makes a duplicate key for someone. Duplicate key allows person to lock/unlock the vehicle and switch it's engine on/off.
(/v)ehicle mod - brings up a modification menu to pimp vehicle. Works at any vehicle service&dealership.
(/v)ehicle scrap - completely removes vehicle from database and makes it unowned in game until next server rehash.
(/v)ehicle faction - assigns / deassigns your vehicle to your faction.
(/v)ehicle view - makes you spectate your vehicle (works on boats only).

/engine - starts/stop engine of the vehicle or starts hotwiring if you are trying to steal the vehicle.
/lock - locks/unlocks the vehicle if you are near it (may not work if you are close to a house/business/other vehicle).
/stop - stops the carjacking process, either lock breaking or hotwiring.
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Vehicle Ownership
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