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 Serious Crimes Laws

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PostSubject: Serious Crimes Laws   Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:30 pm

The Serious crime act 2008 protects citizens of the San Andreas state from serious offences, which in most cases cause or can lead to death.

Section 1

The following offences are now carrying a 1 hour prison sentence with a $20,000 fine;

*Murder of the first degree
*Murder of second/third degree
*Serious assault with a deadly weapon/Grievous Bodily Harm ((beaten almost to/to death))
*Attempted murder of a police officer
*Murder of any degree on a police officer

Secton 2

The following offences are now carrying a 0.5 hour prison sentence with a $20,000 fine;

*Assault on a police officer
*Aggravated Assault
*Attempted murder
*Armed Assault
*Discharging an unlicensed firearm resulting in injury of an innocent
*Conspiracy (Of all nature)

Secton 3

The following offences are now carrying a 20 minutes jail time with a $10,000 fine;

*Possession of an unlicensed firearm
*Discharging an unlicensed firearm in public
*Threatening behaviour armed or not
*Death by deception
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Serious Crimes Laws
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