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 How to post here

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The Godfathers
The Godfathers

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PostSubject: How to post here   Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:41 pm

Simply fill out these questions with a short but detailed description of what happened. Remember to make your own topic and do not post directly in here.

It is recommended to add name of guy which banned you in brackets [] into subject of the topic.
Subject wrote:
Firstname_Lastname [Ken_Devine]
Person Banned[Banning admin]

Once you have done the subject, just use the fields below, be as accurate as you can when filling this out.
In game name:
Date of ban: (DD/MM/YYYY)
Time of ban: (GMT)
What were you doing right before the ban?:
Admin that banned you?:

You can find your IP here:


And a little hint, the following IP nets are local ip's:

10.*.*.*, 192.168.*.* and 176.*.*.*, they are NOT the IP who is added in the banlist, since thats just the IP your router / for some, modem, gave you as local ip addresses. So best way to get a valid IP address is to use the link above.

Do not spam your post, if your post is the last post and you want to add more, dont post again use the button.
Do not bump your thread before a few days if it hasnt been checked.
Do not PM admins via the forum regarding your ban unless specifically asked to, it will just be ignored.

If you are not involved or have any useful information about the one that is wrongly banned do not post unless you are an admin.

If you do have relevant information regarding the ban, please post, but do not spam.

Good luck with your wrongly banned application,
SevenRoleplay Team
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How to post here
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