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PostSubject: Sid_Pandit   Fri Dec 25, 2009 4:30 pm

Sid was born in East Los Santos to a poor immigrant family. When he was old enough, he went to school but he never really understood anything they taught him there, he would just go to school and come home, every single day until he got to high school. In high school he saw a whole new life.
In high school things started to change. Sid would ditch classes and hang out with the cholos under a big tree. There they would chill all day, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, having fun with the bitches and cracking jokes on each other. After that he would gang bang out in the streets in the afternoon until dark. One day Sid was going to the chilling tree and he saw a lot of new guys starting some shit and pointing guns at his homies. He hid behind a dumpster and watched what happened. The enemy gangsters were yelling shit at his homies, then one of Sid's gangmembers got pissed and pulled out a shank and stabbed one of the enemy gangsters. The rest of the enemy gang immediately opened fire on Sid's homie. Then they shot up the rest of his crew and got in a car and drove off. Sid walked over to his fallen homies and swore he would get revenge on all of them. Sid then got a job in Los Santos as a drug dealer to earn some money to buy some weapons. When he had a sum of money he got a crew of 4 guys and bought Ak's and Uzi's for his crew. They followed the enemy gang one night when they were going home in a car and opened fire on them when they got off until no one was alive. After this the Gang Leader Ramon Sanchez decide to make him one of the member of Los Lacteos.

Sid Pandit
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