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 Los Santos Police Department Informations

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PostSubject: Los Santos Police Department Informations   Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:36 pm


The mission of the Los Santos Police Department is to serve the community in a manner that epitomizes those ideals woven into the fabric of the Constitution of Los Santos . We will serve to enhance the quality of life in cooperation with all of those who share these beautiful islands in making this a better place to live.

Program Description: The Administration program provides effective overall administration of the Police Department in the management and direction of its employees. It establishes priorities and directs operations toward the preservation of the public peace, prevention of crime, detection and arrest of offenders of the law, protection of personal and property rights, and the enforcement of all Federal and State laws and County ordinances.

Investigative Services Bureau
Program Description: Investigative Services Bureau investigates all crimes of violence, fraud, theft, controlled substances, crimes relating to juveniles, apprehends the perpetrators of these crimes, and compiles evidence and information for the prosecution of all persons charged with violations of criminal statutes.

Uniformed Patrol Services Bureau
Program Description: Uniformed Patrol Services Bureau plans, directs, and coordinates the operations of all field uniformed police units in the prevention of crime, enforcement of Federal, State and County laws, and the apprehension and custody of violators.

Support Services Bureau
Program Description: The Support Services Bureau plans, directs and coordinates clerical, technical and logistical support for other law enforcement units.

Program Description: The section is an organizational component of the Office of the Chief of Police. This section was created in 2008 to provide a service to the Department as a whole by participating in staff inspections to measure the quality of performances and monitoring the level of compliance with standards for law enforcement agencies established by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. The Maui Police Department received accredited status on January 7, 2008.

Criminal Intelligence Unit
Program Description: The Unit is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chief of Police and is responsible for providing the Chief of Police accurate and updated intelligence on organized crime and their network of associates.

Internal Affairs
Program Description: This section is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police. The section continues to perform a wide variety of functions within the department. These include conducting a variety of investigations, inquiries, external complaint reviews and background checks; as well as assisting in the Drug Testing program.

Police Commission
Program Description: Charter Section 8-12.2. Police Commission. The police commission shall consist of nine members appointed by the mayor with the approval of the council. The police commission shall: Adopt such rules as it may consider necessary for the conduct of its business and regulation of the matters committed to its charge by law. Review and submit to the mayor the department's request for an annual appropriation for the operation of the department. Receive, review and investigate any charges brought forth by the public against the conduct of the department or any of its members and submit a written report of its findings and recommendations to the chief of police for his disposition. Have such other powers and duties as may be provided by law.

Jail System
We have 2 jails one for civilians and 3 degree of crime in the Police Department HeadQuarters, and one for Organized crime.

Emergency Department
Will act in case of Organized crime and 4,5,6 degree crime.

At the moment we are still recruiting.
Los Santos Police Department have a total of 12 vehicles
4 Cars
2 SWAT Vans
2 Ranchers#
3 Motors
1 Helicopter


Steven Taylor Chef Of Los Santos Police Department
At the moment we have 12 empty slots in Department.


As you know we are a team and we must work like a team, every cop will recive equipment when he/she is joining us.
We donīt need corrupted cops, I want all of our members to be good cops and to make Los Santos a better town.
In Los Santos at the moment there are no crime activities. But we are patrooling every day.

Payment System
Every member will recive payment every day and at the end of the week it will be meeting and they will recive a payment for the hole activity.
The payment that you will recive will depend of ranks and quality of their work
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Los Santos Police Department Informations
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