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PostSubject: Vincent_Comozo   Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:26 pm

-American Dream
Name: Frank Bonanno
Other Information: Don of Bonanno Family

-New York Mafia
Name: James Giesing / James Delvando
Other Information: -

-Paradise Roleplay
Name: Vince_Corello
Other Information: Don of Corello Family + Admin level 3

-Underground Rpg
Name: James Giesing
Other Information: Chief of LSPD + Admin level 4

-Sicily Mafia
Name: Vincent_Barzini
Other Information: Don of Barzini Family + Admin level 2

-San Fierro Roleplay
Name: Vincent_Saprino
Other Information: Piciotto in Mancini Family

-Mafia Stories Roleplay
Name: Vincent_Saprino / Andre_Carter
Other Information: -

-Neveda Roleplay
Name: Michael_Corello
Other Information: Leader of West Coast Ridaz + Admin level 10

-World Revolutian Roleplay
Name: Vincent_Comozo
Other Information: Right hand of the Tattaglia Family

-Santos Streetlife Rolepay
Name: Frank Carter / Frank Iredale / Nikolai Gargarin
Other Information: Right Hand of Iredale Family + Leader of the DMV
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