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 Ryan Wilson

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PostSubject: Ryan Wilson   Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:30 pm

Hey all. You might've seen my story in the factions forum. Below is the original, lengthy story. It's not the best one I've written but it's the original for the Ryan Wilson character.

My name is Ryan. Ryan Wilson. I was born in Dublin, in Ireland and I'm 28 years old. My life kicks off when I started going to school in Dublin - my home town. It was a new thing for me, seeing as though I didn't have neighbours with other kids to hang around with. So I never really met new people unless they were grandparents that I've never seen. I would have to say, my childhood wasn't the best. Leaving school all the time because of my fathers work - He worked as the Quarter Master General for the IRA. Having an interrupted lifestyle when your at school is no good because nothing ever gets done.

By the time I was twelve, we had moved 12 times, I have changed schools 10 times and my sister has passed away after a lethal car accident which happened while she was driving her new car after she had passed her driving test. My parents decided it would be for my own good if I stayed put and boarded at a school a few hundred miles away, so I wasn't moving around all the time. These years were shit. Growing up not being very social isn't a great way to start living somewhere where you socialize 24/7.

Things started to brighten up again after I had completed school and went to live with my parents in the area I grew up in, back in Dublin. I was invited to start working along side my father in the IRA, as one of the recruits. I worked with the organization for a few years until my father retired. During the time I was away with my father, my mother had moved over to America to work as a fashion designer in San Fransisco. Seeing as though it was about time for me to start living off my own earnings, I moved to America to live with my mother, and to attend University to get a degree in Law.

I guess life does not want to cooperate with me. It was that afternoon that everything started riding down hill again. After that phone call I had received from the local police department informing me the news I was to never forget. My mother was shot dead in a shootout at a bank across town. Moving away from my family was tough .. But to lose one .. I thought things would never be the same.

I thought to myself, why not screw up my life even more? I thought I had made a foolish mistake moving to Los Santos - The violence capital of the nation. Well after I was settled in and everything I was offered a job to work as a journalist for the local newspaper - The Los Santos Post. I finally found the meaning of life .. All there's to do is to make a living and have a family.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Wilson   Fri Dec 25, 2009 5:33 pm

Nice story man, looks like you are inspired from spiderman Very Happy
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Ryan Wilson
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